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eCommerce: Omni-Channel Strategies Rewarded with Loyalty and Value Creation

Customer needs and expectations are continuing to evolve, and so are the omni-channel strategies driving consumer engagement and building brand loyalty, according to an industry report released by the eCommerce investment banking team from Brown Gibbons Lang & Company (BGL). Omni-channel strategies are expected, should be seamless across channels, and must provide a cohesive and personalized consumer experience.

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John R. Tilson
Managing Director

Never has omni-channel taken on more meaning than in today’s digital world where modern consumers can shop across any device or location at virtually any time of day and from anywhere in the world, all the while expecting a unified brand experience. A unified experience leads to increased consumer satisfaction, resulting in loyal customers with high retention and strong repurchase rates, driving predictable business well beyond the first sale. 

Inside the report, BGL features exclusive interviews with leading brands Itzy Ritzy and MOTIS Brands, discussing the opportunities and challenges of omni-channel marketing and how their strategies are contributing to growth. Just some of the topics include: the importance of channel diversification to an effective omni-channel strategy, the growing role of social media in customer acquisition, and the role mergers and acquisitions can play in digitally transforming traditional sales models. 

“With the combination of a strong brick-and-mortar and online presence, you get tremendous brand visibility,” shared Brian Douglas, co-founder of Itzy Ritzy. “Whether you're meeting a brand online or in the real world, it's all a gateway to the brand. An introduction … in the brick-and-mortar space can lead that same consumer into the online funnel. It’s a complete cycle.” Strong social engagement driven in part by influencer collaborations and an inclusive brand voice contribute to success. MOTIS Brands has pursued a diverse channel strategy to respond to the needs and preferences of its consumers. “To me, this is simply a reflection of the way we all shop today,” observed CEO Rich Spratt. “We believe consumers should be able to ‘Start Anywhere, Finish Anywhere,’ discovering and engaging with our products through various digital and traditional outlets alike.”

Investors are recognizing the value of a complementary omni-channel approach to customer engagement, acquisition, and retention. John Tilson, Head of BGL’s eCommerce investment banking team offered, “Businesses that demonstrate thoughtful sophistication in developing and executing a unified omni-channel strategy consistently garner outsized valuations from the M&A market.”

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